Thursday, November 02, 2006

First Patrol

U-599 has been ordered to patrol southwest of Iceland for British and American convoys. We will set sail on the evening of April 1st from our home port of Brest, France.

I have been lucky in both provisions and men so far. In fact, this will be U-599's first patrol as she has just joined the 1st Flotilla after serving as a trainer. As well as being fully loaded with fresh food, plenty of fuel, and an upgrade to dual flak emplacements, a friend in supply managed to score me four new homing torpedoes. Hopefully I'll have a chance to use them!

I also managed to recruit a few experienced crew members to help keep things running smoothly. Lt. jr. Carlewitz will be serving as my watch officer and brings with him two senior watch officers to assist with watch and gunner duties. I also managed to snag three experienced torpedomen and two machinists. In all my crew is a bit top heavy, but that's the way i prefer it to be: 5 officers, 16 petty officers, and only 21 sailors.

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