Friday, November 03, 2006

Trial by Fire

3 April 1942
12:49 local time
The weather began to fail us as we sailed further into the Atlantic waters. The cold weather gear will be coming out for tonight's surface run. For now we are staying submerged to avoid the dense British air patrols. Just after noon we spotted a warship in the light fog; a British C class destroyer. I switched over to the attack scope and we waited, dead in the water, for him to come closer. As he presented his flank I launched two electric torpedoes so as not to give away the element of surprise. The first detonated under the screws and set her on fire, then the second slammed right into the side! As she began to list to aft we slipped away under 2/3 speed before any support could arrive to deal with us. Things are starting to shape up around here.

4 April 1942
5:16 local time, SW of Ireland
The seas have picked up. It has been a cold and wet night with nothing but lightening to provide illumination. I'm looking forward to getting out of these damp clothes and getting some coffee put on once we begin our submerged run.

5 April 1942
5:37 local time, W of Ireland
As we were preparing to climb back into the warmth of our quarters the XO yell up the hatchway that a radio report had just come in! I left the soaked lookouts up in the tower for a little while longer as I headed down to decipher the message. My hands were shaking as much from cold as from my excitement. I ran to the plotting table. Yes! We were within range to intercept a large convoy coming in from America! I plotted our new course and headed to my cabin to get what rest I could.

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