Monday, December 11, 2006

Patrol # 2 Results

Patrol # 2
14 May to 1 June 1942
5 merchants sunk for 22416 tons

1 Sunderland shot down

Two crew lost in action

Awards: Iron Cross 1st class and Knight's Cross with oak leaves

Awarded Lt. jr. Adolf Carlewitz the Iron Cross 2nd class for his actions as part of the watch crew

Promoted Hermann Sander to Chief Seaman for his actions as part of the watch crew

Chief Sr. Seaman Heino Mannesmann will be qualified as a machinist before we leave port (he has been greatly helpful to my engineering crew during th epast two patrols and has learned much in the engine bay)

I managed to pick up two new crew already: Sr. Seaman Matthias Euler and Sr. Seaman Hartwig Abel to round out my crew. Word spreads quickly when a relatively successful boat enters port.

My boat is scheduled for some routine maintenance so we will have a few weeks of shore leave. We are scheduled to begin our third patrol on the 29th of June.

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