Wednesday, November 15, 2006

First Patrol Completed

12 April 1942
6:16 local time
With only one remaining torpedo and not a whole lot of fuel we've I've plotted a course to take us a bit south of the shipping lanes and back to Brest. This has been a highly successful first patrol as commander of my own u-boat and I want to get my crew back to port to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

15 April 1942
20:00 local time
We got a bit overzealous in our home waters tonight and surfaced a bit too early. At 19:10 we were cruising along, enjoying the relaxed swell and and warmer temperature when the lookouts caught sight of two Swordfish on patrol overhead! I kept a close eye on them through the observation scope while diving and saw them turn towards our direction, then drop into an attack run! Luckily I was already at full power and slipping steadily below the waves. i ordered a hard turn into them to close the distance quickly and retracted the scope. A depth charge exploded harmlessly a distance away; likely trying for a lucky shot. We laid low for quite a while after that just to be on the safe side. Too close a call so near to port!

16 April 1942
3:07 local time
Land always looks so beautiful after spending weeks, or even months, in a harsh sea and foul weather. I'm looking forward to a soft, dry, and warm bed and some fresh food! The crew has been frantically working to get everything in order for docking and you can hear the buzz of excitement in the air. Oh the fresh air! After being cooped up most of the night the breezes coming in from the land through the open hatches are most welcome! I can only hope to have at least a few days to rest before going back out there to face the mighty Atlantic again.

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