Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Clearing the Path Home

9 April 1942
14:23 local time
We're heading for home with four eels left and a good amount of fuel in reserve. Hopefully we'll run across some merchant traffic. Nothing out there today except rain.

10 April 1942
6:12 local time
The weather finally cleared a bit during the night. I let the crew take turns up on deck to get a breath of fresh air. Being so close to British air cover we'll have to dive for the day.

11 April 1942
6:39 local time
Warships spotted! 5000m off the bow! The continued beautiful weather has given us a chance to find some prey. The ships were heading away from us and, luckily, we spotted them first being that we were still submerged. I identified them as two Black Swan frigates and two J-class destroyers. Our only chance of hitting them was to fire three of our last four eels. We were able to set a course to bring us just over 2100 meters from the nearest ship.

Two torpedoes hit the closest Black Swan and immediately began to flood. The rear torp scored a hit on a J-class, which burst into flames; a magazine hit! Time to run while the other ships turn to rescue their friends! We slipped out of the area and laid low all day, then made a run for it on the surface at night!

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