Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Patrol Zone Reached

6 April 1942
14:38 local time
With little likelihood of aircraft penetrating the dense rain and lightning; we stayed on the surface most of the day, except for periodic dips to listen in on the hydrophones and to let our stomaches settle. No signs of any activity today.

7 April 1942
16:40 local time
We reached the edge of our patrol zone today. Other than that nothing exciting to report.

8 April 1942
14:42 local time
We are nearly finished with our twenty-four hour patrol zone observation. I've been discussing the pros and cons of remaining in the zone or heading back to better fishing grounds with the other officers. The consensus is to leave as soon as our time is up here and see if our luckk holds out in the Channel on the way back to Brest.

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